Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes Solutions. Reimagined.

Welcome to Advanced Diabetic Health Center, where we’re changing diabetes management! Our new approach is totally unique – we administer insulin as a hormone rather than a drug. How does it work? We use small doses to resensitize the insulin receptor in a way that mimics normal glucose metabolism. This treatment gives the receptor some much-needed downtime, which allows it to heal and revitalize itself. The results are more energy, better health, and overall well-being. We’re proud to offer this multi-patented system for diabetic treatment, and it’s already changing lives in Tyler, Texas. If you’re looking for a new approach to managing your diabetes, check out inSolutions today.

Regenerate & Repair

Cellular energy helps damaged tissues and organs to grow, repair and regenerate.

Stabilize & Metabolize

Our treatment helps stabilize and even reverse the complications of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

inSolutions May Be Right for You!

Living with diabetes can be downright frustrating, especially when you’re constantly reminded of its presence. Our new program, inSolutions, offers evidence-based treatments that have been shown to reverse the complications associated with diabetes and even lower HbA1c levels. Our staff will help you find out if your insurance covers the treatment (don’t worry, historically, most major insurance, including Medicare, cover the treatment.) So, if you’re ready to stop merely covering up your symptoms and address the root cause? Then you’re ready for a customized inSolutions treatment plan!

  • Historically, Medicare and Most Major Insurances cover inSolutions.
  • Expect an "Induction Phase" of weekly infusions that reduce in frequency after about 90 days.
  • The "Maintenance Phase" consists of shorter periods of treatment with longer periods between treatments.
  • inSolutions is not a cure for diabetes, but a new treatment that helps make it much easier to manage.

How You Can Become A Patient

Click on each of the tabs to learn how to get started as a patient!

Free Consultation

Consultations generally take 60-90 minutes to review your medical history, provide an explanation of the process, and answer any questions that you may have.

Qualifying Exam & Lab Work

During this stage, we will conduct a qualifying examination and obtain any necessary lab work in the event that your labs are not up to date.

Treatment Plan

If you are approved for treatment, your clinician will create your individualized infusion plan based on your current health status and lab results.

Treatment Begins

Initial treatments can be as long as 3 hours and then decrease in duration and frequency over about a six-week period. The typical maintenance schedule for infusions during the maintenance phase is two hours every four to six weeks.