Dr J. Chris Hubert

About Dr. Hubert

Chris Hubert is the founder of Advanced Diabetic Health Center and has practiced in Tyler since 2008. His foundational specialty is chiropractic care which includes neck, back, and extremity pain. Dr. Hubert has dedicated his career to finding the root cause of each individual health concern.


Even though his primary specialty is the musculoskeletal system, he has a vast knowledge and understanding of the relationship between diet, nutrition, exercise, thyroid health, and digestive health as it applies musculoskeletal system.

Doctorate of Chiropractic

Parker School of Chiropractic

Podcast Host

Dr. Hubert Show Host for 5 Years

Public Speaker

Speaking and Teaching about Health


  • Traveling
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Shooting Sports
  • PGA Tour Player Support Credentials
  • Provides Care to a Half-Dozen MLB and NFL Players